「We Draw We Talk - 

Us in Epidemic」

This is a six-month cross-disciplinary arts and education programme, aims at providing a precious opportunity for Special Education Needs Students with outstanding artistic potentials an online platform to communicate and interact with local artists, as well as connecting the public by visual arts language to express their feelings, letting the public to understand and appreciate their abilities. 

Three artists from different fields and six special education needs students (including Mild mental retardation, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Speech and Language Impairments) will be invited to collaborate together, responding the society in epidemic through intervention of digital arts, and comforting their souls, especially students with special education needs are more affected by the epidemic, they are prone to negative emotions and mental stress. 「We Draw We Talk - Us in Epidemic」 is a display of cross-disciplinary arts creation and art education practice, allowing students to create and draw continuously, so that they can interact with the public and seek for satisfactions even when they are forced to stay at home under epidemic. 

「We Draw We Talk - Us in Epidemic」provides students with special education needs a bridge to connect the society digitally by visual arts. 


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