Art Journey - Student's Creation Journey

Chung Wing-hei: “Is my portrait beautiful?”

Chung Wing-hei: “Today I took the MTR No.751 to Tuen Mun Hospital for follow-up.”

Chung Wing-hei: “On 25th December 2020, there was a Christmas party at my grandmother’s home. There were a lot of delicious food and I got a lovely cat mask!”

Chung Wing-hei: “After going to the Hong Kong Museum of Art, I drew myself and Nureni under the cloud!”

Chung Wing-hei: “The weather is getting hotter and hotter recently. If it rains heavily, the monkeys can go swimming!”

Leung Ka-him: ”This is me when I am wearing the outfit of my favorite superman.”

Leung Ka-him: ”I went to celebrate my 14th birthday in my granny’s home. I ate my birthday cake, and I’m a big boy now.”

Leung Ka-him: ”I named this artwork as "A Red Sun Appears in the Sky of Night".”

Leung Ka-him: ”I went to the Hong Kong Museum of Art with Sangho and Xerxes together. It was extremely fun.”

Leung Ka-him: ”Tai Po Umeda Station (MTR) Tai Po Market M16 in 1990.”

Ku Chun-yin: ”I am a seahorse.”

Ku Chun-yin: ”The night🌠.”

(Remark: On the evening of 5th May 2021, Chun-yin was suddenly allergic and rushed to the hospital for emergency. When our team was calling his mother, Chun-yin kept yelling behind, "I’m going to die! I’m going to die soon!” He was so worried and scared about his allergy.)

Ku Chun-yin: ”I bought SPACE INVADERS stickers at the IKEA furniture store.”



Ng Ho-wah: ”This is me and the sun.”

Ng Ho-wah: ”My breakfast this morning.”

Ng Ho-wah: ”An artwork for Bouie.”

Ng Ho-wah: ”A set of electronic devices.”

Ng Ho-wah: ”This is my home.”

Xerxes: ”A little bit handsome me”

Xerxes: ”Xerxes stark. (Version Sasuke)”

Xerxes: ”Chung Wing-hei:Hisoka,Xerxes:Sasuke,Ng Ho-wah:Gaara,Nureni:Naruto,Leung Ka-him:Gojo”

Xerxes: ”Air Jordan off white is lit! 🔥”

Xerxes: ”Kakashi with Nike DEATH. (Naruto)“

Nureni: ”I want to let Angel and Katie appreciate my artwork!"

Nureni: ”Girl is red, boy is blue.”

Nureni: ”Happy Valentine's Day.”

Nureni: ”A flower to Angel. 🌸”

Nureni: ”The food I ate on 21st December (Monday), 2020.”