Young Talented Profiles

Chung Wing-hei

Wing-hei is a boy who takes longer time to accept new things. He needs to warm up before learning and he needs more encouragement. However, as long as the elements he likes are triggered, he will actively participate and develop it as habits. He is one of the students who create and paint most often. He likes Japanese, cute and rounded cartoon characters, especially cats. 


Nureni is a Nepalese girl who is studying S.2, she is one to two years older than her classmates. As her Cantonese speaking is not fluent, she is shy and hesitated at expressing herself. Her parents are busy, so that she has lack cultivation, but she dances and paints well. 

Ku Chun-yin

Chun-yin is a model/figures’ fan. He likes arranged, planned and neat patterns. He often creates geometric figures. He likes to design different styles of robots, such as the colorful robots in "Little World". He has a strong desire to express, but his speaking ability is low. He has weak public rules and social skills when he goes out. He sometimes shares his experiences and feelings that cannot be expressed by speaking through painting. 

Ng Ho-wah

Ho-wah is lacking of self-confidence in speaking and communication due to the unclear pronunciation by surgery. He seldom speaks and expresses himself, but at the bottom of his heart, he is a lively boy who likes to dance, and has talent in sports, he likes arts stimulation. 

Leung Ka-him

Ka-him is a little bit stubborn, and this is the reason why he has his own unique style for creation. His self-learning ability is very high, and his artistic talents such as music and painting are outstanding. He can explore the technical skills and creation of different arts by himself. He is particularly keen on space, architecture, three-dimensional. He likes superman, he is a big fan of TV shows. 


Xerxes is a non-Chinese speaking student, he has big sense on fashion, and he likes trendy brands. He is outgoing, he likes to express himself and respond to questions, and he is positive too. He always creates fun and joy in group